An attempt at zen

Anyone who knows me will probably tell you I am incredibly prone to stress. I have the constant need to stay busy, I HATE sitting still. Productivity is my mantra; it’s why I wake up early, why I make lists, and why I usually end up finishing all the tasks I want to finish in the day. Obviously, stress is no good for my health. I really try to counteract it through exercise…but it just doesn’t seem to help. So, when I bought a fitness pass for the Group Exercise classes at the gyms on campus, I was excited to see that yoga classes were offered. I’ve never been all that flexible, and was honestly worried about being able to sit still for an hour-long class.

The first few classes were tough. I found myself constantly glancing behind at the massive digital clock in the back of the room, counting down the minutes until I could go back and finish homework. It wasn’t until a week or two that I realized I was completely missing the point of yoga. After that, I actually started to listen to what the teacher was saying. I learned to coordinate my movements with my breath, and actually found myself improving my balance and flexibility! The best part about my newfound appreciation for yoga- I actually can meditate at the end of class. If the teacher didn’t tell me to get back up into sitting position, I’d probably lie there all night.

Now, I love and look forward to going to yoga. I’ve never been big on stretching following exercise…I’m usually in a rush (no surprise there)! Going to yoga forces me to stretch as well as re-focus my day. I’ve found myself taking more time to simply enjoy life, and I’ve also enjoyed improvement in my running technique. I’m quite injury prone when it comes to running; so I’m hoping I can avoid some typical injuries with yoga too!

Well, I’ve got some homework to finish up tonight before I can watch my Thursday evening show…Grey’s Anatomy! Another great thing about productivity throughout the day- I have time at night to watch and catch up on all the shows I used to watch! After that, I’ll make some progress on The Imperfectionists and call it a night. DEFINITELY looking forward to a (semi) relaxing weekend.

Namaste.  “The light within me respects the light within you.”


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