Mugs galore

Check out this awesome-ness.

 I spent a super exciting Friday night at one of my favorite places, Barnes and Noble. Seriously, I could spend hours upon hours there browsing all the books and magazines. The best thing about most Barnes and Noble stores is that they boast a Starbucks cafe. What could be better? I can bring my laptop to do homework, and browse the books during break! Totally nerdy, I know. I’m cool with it.

This Barnes and Noble cafe had the BEST display of coffee mugs I’ve seen in a while. My favorite? Check out the white mug, second shelf, right side. Read: “Off duty.” I like a mug with a feisty attitude.

I enjoyed a vanilla latte, one of my Starbucks go-tos, and typed away on an essay for my religion class. I didn’t finish the essay, mostly because I began to lose focus toward the end. I’ll give it a rest, go over it this weekend, and hopefully finish by Monday so I can meet with my professor to discuss it.

After finishing the essay, I browsed the extensive magazine section and read Yoga magazine (who knew one existed?) and one of my other faves: Runner’s World. I flipped to the page about the death of ultra runner Micah True. Although I know the magazine will be awaiting my arrival at home, I had to sneak a peak at the story since I had read about Micah True in Born to Run (a great read for both runners and non-runners).

 Now it’s time to work my way through The Imperfectionists. I’m really like it, I’m just frustrated I haven’t had too much free time to devote to reading it. Hello summer in one week!


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