My favorite meal


Formula for a Perfect Breakfast (Coffee Doesn’t Cut It!) Food & Diet: self.com.

I bought SELF magazine when I stopped by CVS yesterday. It’d been a long day with studying, classes, and whatnot, so I decided to get some easy reading to calm my mind.

I love this magazine for its recipes, workouts, and tips. This is my favorite article from the May 2012 issue. Obviously, I’m a coffee addict. You should know though, I DO NOT advocate substituting any drink for a meal. It just doesn’t cut it.

Not only are you more likely to be overweight if you don’t eat breakfast, but you miss out on all the great breakfast foods! My favorite as of now? Chobani Greek Yogurt/Oikos Greek Yogurt mixed with granola or cereal. Currently, I’m using Target’s Archer Farms brand Muesli cereal. It has almonds, dates, and a bunch of dried fruit! So good!


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