Weekend madness

Phew, I’m back in my dorm room snacking on some cereal after a busy weekend (seriously, is cereal the best snack food, or is it just me?). 

Saturday was dedicated to my sorority, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I started out the morning with a 5.25 mile run (at a 7:57 pace, go me!) and then finished up some homework until about 10. It wasn’t raining when i left for the run, but it started pouring right as I had to leave! I picked up some coffee with some of my sisters, and then went to learn all about recruitment! Fun stuff. 


After that, we all went out to a late lunch (I was treated by a sister who still has over $100 on her meal plan!) and I went back to the house to go to Ronald McDonald House in Roanoke. Ronald McDonald House is Alpha Delta Pi’s philanthropy- so it was great to go and see the people I’m helping! We cooked a macaroni and cheese dinner for the families and got a tour of the house. We even got to see how they process all those can tabs we collect for them! Here’s one of the flowerpots we left outside each room 🙂


We finished up around 6, and I was headed to the lake! Good thing the lake is close to Roanoke, I was starving!! After getting stupidly lost, I found my way to the lake (thank you iPhone GPS!) and picked up some quesadilla fixins for my dad and I for dinner. The quesadillas were SO good, I’m bummed I didn’t get a picture. 

The lake is so relaxing. I got up bright and early this morning, finished up my essay, went on my usual lake run (a VERY hilly 3.5 miles) and finished The Imperfectionists! It was a really great book; the story was told from differing perspectives, and the author did a great job of weaving the perspectives together. Virginia Tech even made it in the last chapter! 


I now leave you with a beautiful picture I took while hanging out on the dock this morning, along with my new favorite snack- pistachios! YUM! 




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