Awesome takes practice


Isn’t that the truth? I found that Quotable sign while at Barnes & Noble (again) today. For those of you who don’t know, I am obsessed with the Quotable products and am interested in buying any and every magnet/coffee mug/greeting card. 

I found it incredibly hard to focus today. I have an exam tomorrow and have been studying for a while, so reading my notes over and over again got really boring. I think it’s because I’m stressing my self out about moving out of my dorm. I’ve been slowly packing away, it’s amazing how much stuff I’ve accumulated here. That being said, I can’t wait until Friday evening when I’m home and snuggling on my couch. 

I was productive today though (and still have time to be, for that matter). After a nice treadmill workout at the gym, I got a bunch of geology studying done as well as completed some major edits on my religion essay. I always find it best to come back to a paper a day or so after it’s written. I seem to get better results with that method. 


PS…that Mocha Frappuccino tasted way better than it looks right there. 

When the productivity wore off,  (and when classes were over) I decided to run some errands. I wanted to make a lil’ something for my big in my sorority because she’s awesome, so I went and did that. I also wandered around Barnes and Noble and found some foodie books I’m interested in reading. 


What can I say? I’m attracted to books with covers that make a statement. 


We actually watched Fast Food Nation (the documentary version) in my  journalism class in high school. It was so interesting; and needless to say, I haven’t had too much McDonalds since then. There’s something about watching someone’s health rapidly decline due to a huge intake of greasy foods that I’m not quite attracted to. 

I have no clue when I’ll get to read these books, since I already have like, 9 or 10 books on my Goodreads “to read” shelf, but it’ll happen eventually. 

Time to get back to studying (hopefully!) 🙂


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