Morning run

I can’t stress how much I love working out in the morning. I usually workout before my 8 am class on Tuesdays and Thursdays (I know, I’m crazy) and today was no different. I had no problem getting up, as I was a bundle of nerves for the exam. 

The weather was perfect!! Slightly humid, but nice and warm. I didn’t even have to bring out the long sleeves! (They’re packed up, anyway). 

Anyway, the more important point of this post is to share an awesome iPhone app I have called iMapMyRun. It tells you everything you need to know about your run: distance, pace, time, and more. It’s essentially a Garmin, but on your phone. I’d love to get a Garmin in the near future…or when I have a decent amount of money to purchase one. 

Here’s my stats for this morning:



Pretty nifty, huh? 

Today has been pretty great so far, the exam went well (fingers crossed) my religion teacher loved my essay, and I’M ALL PACKED TO GO HOME! Clearly, I’m very excited about this. Since I’m driving myself home from school, I was responsible for packing up my room. This required walking up and down endless flights of stairs with heavy Rubbermaid bins. Not complaining, it was a nice workout. 

I’m planning to head off to yoga in a bit, need to de-stress so I can study for my last two finals. The end is in sight, bittersweet. 


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