My math journey

….is over!

I think it’s pretty safe to say that math and I have rarely gotten along. I much prefer writing…I need my creative license! Anyway, today I took my last math final which means I am DONE!

I spent the morning in my last day of class. We spent Econ like we usually do…trying to pay attention, and ending up Pinning, Tweeting, Facebooking. This works in theory, until we had to answer iClicker questions based on the lessons. We choose the best guesser and go with their answer! It’s awful, I know.

After that, I knew I’d be spending the afternoon at the Math Emporium so I headed to Panera for lunch. I was so bummed I had to spend the afternoon inside…high of 88 and sunny here in Blacksburg today! But, I knew I had to take my final.

My mom always gets the Fuji Apple Chicken salad at Panera, and today I found out they debuted a new salad: Fuji Apple Turkey (same salad, different meat)! It was awesome. I snapped a few pictures 🙂


I tried to study some math in Panera but was unable to connect to any Internet…what a pain. I looked over some old notes, and just planned to study for a while before taking my exam. I saw my friend from high school, Caroline, there, and we helped each other with some last-minute questions. She’s a little easier to understand than some of the tutors there. I must give Caroline the credit for solving this one:

Once my brain was done going over problems, (and I had successfully annoyed my entire pod by eating my crunchy cereal) I said “I’m taking this test!” And I did. It’s not like I did amazing, but I did more than enough to keep the grade I’m comfortable with. I’m more happy that I don’t have to take math anymore.

After the test, I went to dinner with my big! It’s just starting to hit me how soon I’m leaving and how quickly freshman year is coming to a close. It’s bittersweet. I’ll post a “Looking back” post on Friday. It’s just kind of weird to think I won’t be living on campus next year, won’t be going to the same classes with the same friends…all that kind of stuff.

Tomorrow’s my free day- although it’ll likely be jam packed with studying for my Econ final on Friday. We’re also taking a PR picture for my sorority, so that’ll be a good break in my studying. It’s also supposed to be around 90 and sunny tomorrow-that’s summer weather! The great weather makes it incredibly difficult to focus.

It won’t be long until I’m back home for a nice, long, relaxing summer! See you tomorrow!


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