Nationals game and spontaneity

I am notoriously known as a planner. So when I was hanging out yesterday morning and my neighbor asked if I wanted tickets  for last night’s Nationals v. Phillies game, I surprised myself by jumping at the opportunity. I love baseball games, so I was super excited.

I planned to surprise Kyle with the tickets since I knew he was coming back from school, and we were already planning on hanging out anyway. My mom really wanted to surprise him by making a baseball themed dinner, but I ended up telling him way earlier (we still had a dinner themed with baseball food :))

We also got a parking pass with our tickets; which was great because it meant we didn’t have to deal with the mess of the Metro.

The game was uneventful- Kyle responded to my saying that with “Aren’t most baseball games?” I suppose they are, but this game had three straight innings with no runs scored. We went into the game thinking the Nationals were going to win, they’d won the past two games in the series. After injuries and replacement pitchers, they ended up losing 9-3 (the Phillies scored 6 runs in the top of the 9th inning).

The game was fun all the same. I think one of the reasons I love baseball games is because of the great atmosphere. We had a very energetic fan sitting behind us who felt the need to announce each batter in a voice just like the announcer’s. Funny at first, not so much toward the end of the game. Our seats were also awesome.

Earlier that afternoon, we went to Frappuccino Happy Hour (Starbucks should honestly pay me for the amount of business I give them). We spent about 45 minutes there, people watching and reading the paper. We thought it was funny that the horse who won the Kentucky Derby was named I’ll Have Another. I also have far too many Instagram pictures with various Starbucks drinks in them. I’m okay with it.

It looks like another rainy day today, and I’m up early with not much to do. Mom gave me a few errands to run, but since I finished A Long Way Gone yesterday, I think I’ll head to Barnes and Noble to browse and get a new book!

Off to go squeeze in a run!


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