Failed post

Well…I definitely just attempted to post a video at the end of my morning post. Clearly, just the video posted and the rest of my post was deleted. Hey, I’m still learning here. So here we go, again.

My post featured the best dog in the world, Penny!! Lately, I’ve taken to giving her my leftover Chobani containers…and this morning was no different. I was worried; I’ve only ever given her strawberry so I was taking quite a chance giving her blueberry.

Before Penny and I’s Chobani antics, I completed another treadmill workout while watching the Today show. I know most people hate the treadmill because it can get boring, but I’ve grown to really like it. It also definitely helps that I can watch TV while working out (multi tasking is my thing). Of course, I’ll always choose outdoor trail running over the treadmill, but I’m a baby and it’s still slightly chilly at the hour of the morning I’d be running.

After working out, I perused my favorite fitness blog, PBFingers for some breakfast ideas. I’ve been working on switching it up each morning. I decided on a Chobani, apple, and chia seed yogurt bowl. I also had some Honey Nut Cheerios on the side…you can never have too much cereal!

Chia seeds are quite interesting. They’re super tiny, but they definitely give a good crunch to anything you make. They’re also somewhat of a superfood, packed with fiber. My sister and I are trying funky foods (you can thank Whole Foods for that one). Of course, I’m having a mug (or two) of my new favorite cinnamon hazelnut coffee!

I’m reading the paper and watching the rest of the Today show…sadly realizing that they replay parts from earlier in the episode. Bummer.

The reason I posted my favorite Adele song, Chasing Pavements, was because a segment of Matt’s interview with Adele was played earlier. I was amazed to discover that she signed her first record contract only a couple days after she graduated high school! Not long after, she released her first studio album, ’19’. Since then, she’s won 6 Grammys and she’s only 24! That’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

In honor of Adele, I give you my favorite song by her circa 2008….in the previous post. You can also click the link here 🙂


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