Mother’s Day

I hope my mom enjoyed her Mother’s Day. Everyone says it, but my mom is truly the best mom. I can say all the cliches about how she’s always been there for me and that she’s like a sister, (technically, we are ADPi sisters ;)) but I won’t get into that.

Like I said in my earlier post, I made bread for breakfast this morning. My mom and I’s weekend routine began about a year ago. It always includes a trip to Wegmans. Naturally, we had to go today to get the necessities for the week.

We LOVE Wegmans…but HATE going when it’s crowded. We have a specific path that we take every time; and its just less fun when the aisles are too crowded (it doesn’t quite help that the carts are massive-sized). Before going to Wegmans, we stopped at a nearby shopping center to pick up Caribou Coffee. It was BOGO on Mother’s Day, so we had to.

I’m a Starbucks snob for sure, but I have to say I loved all the reusable tumblers and plastic cups our coffee came in. The cups had a bunch of fun things written on them “early morning jogs,” “adopting a pet,” and “traveling.” My favorite item they sold? A car magnet that said BOU (get it? like CariBOU and BOO!)

We ate lunch at home, then decided to visit a nearby town, Old Town Alexandria. It’s right off the Potomac River and filled with colonial-style houses and a bunch of shops. This kind of trip was right up my alley! Among the shopping we did, I found a mug I loved.

We also visited an art show which featured…bubble gum art?

and a paper maiche elephant!

My mom and I were a little confused at some of the things people consider art these days. For instance…

Pretty, but just unsure it’s worth the $4,000 price tag. I leave you with my favorite pieces…ducks!

After perusing the art exhibit, we took some time to take pictures by the water and dream of renting out a fancy yacht.

In honor of Mother’s Day 🙂 We loved going in all the cute shops; my mom and I are all about finding trinkety items that we’ll probably never use. I was in search of a floppy hat for the summer, and found one I liked.

Still in search of a less expensive one though. To round out the afternoon, we reaped the benefits of the last day of Starbucks’ Frappuccino Happy Hour and headed home for steaks on the grill! Right now, my mom and I are getting ready to relax and watch our favorite guilty pleasure: Real Housewives of New Jersey. Not proud that I follow the show, but we all need that one vice, huh?

Last but not least….I think we could all use one of these lists.


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