Summer of sight

As I was eating breakfast today, I flipped through some of yesterday’s mail. We had received a booklet from TOMs! I, for one, love TOMs shoes. I know everyone’s got their opinions on them, but I love their look, feel, and the TOMs mission in general.

I LOVE this pattern…I will never be able to bring myself to by them though. I’d always be freaking out about matching them perfectly to an outfit.

Enough about the shoes. TOMs has a new mission: One for One eyeglasses. As you may know, for every pair of TOMs shoes purchased, one pair is sent to a child in need in a developing country. Great, huh? Now, TOMs is working with the Seva Foundation to give prescription glasses, sight-saving surgery, or medical treatment for someone in need. This summer, they are working with ChildSight to bring the One For One eye care to the domestic United States. I think it’s a pretty awesome mission, and the glasses are cute, too!

I think it’s great that companies like TOMs exist, I just hope we never forget their original missions.

After some interval running for about 5.5 miles, it was time for breakfast! I was feeling like cereal today, so I had a bowl with a sliced banana, blueberries, Kashi Heart to Heart Warm Cinnamon topped with chia seeds. Yum!

It’s really cool, chia seeds actually thicken up the milk so it’s a little yogurt-y. Just a little.

I’m going to enjoy the sun while it’s here! The pessimistic and usually wrong weatherman claimed the sun is temporary, and thunderstorms are in the future. Maybe I’ll head out and search for a new book?

On another note, my first blog post for Alpha Delta Pi was posted last night AND it’s Founders’ Day! May 15, 1851, first, finest, forever! <>


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