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High school memories

Today I had a special surprise outing: visiting my sister Amanda’s high school to join her for lunch! It’s the worst time of the year- AP exams are finishing up and kids are losing focus. As a result, a lot of kids coerce their parents to let them skip school. My sister and I are the same way and rarely like to miss school. That being said, we both will finish school with near perfect attendance. However, I’ll admit there were days during the last quarter of senior year where it was absolutely pointless to be there (I’ve only got 1, maybe 2 skip days under my belt). Might I also add this trend continued into college? You’re welcome, parents.

Anyway, my sister tweeted that none of her friends were at school which meant she’d be eating lunch alone. Let’s just say, it sucks to have to eat alone in high school. I got lucky, and always hid out with fellow staffers in the journalism room if I was ever banished to eating alone. It’s just awkward, as if high school isn’t awkward enough as it is.

My sister and I went to rival high schools due to a boundary change prior to her freshman year. We both played field hockey, and it was always fun when the season rolled around as our parents struggled on deciding who to root for and Amanda and I teased each other (yes, my team beat hers one year. it was awesome).  I’m pretty familiar with her school, and love some of their traditions. My school had traditions, but her schools about twenty years older. One of my favorites is this shed, I’m pretty sure seniors paint it each year.

Cute, huh? They also have this painted shed outside the football field.

I couldn’t help but feel a little nostalgic as I walked around her high school. It’s weird to think that I was in her shoes only two years ago, and just how much has changed. It’s not a bad change at all, it just made me feel grown up, wishing I still had some of the high school days back.

That being said, I dealt with my fair share of drama throughout high school. I’d rather not have those days back. I was reminded of all the high school drama as Amanda and I sat at the cafeteria table and she pointed out some of the familiar cliques. We also talked about some Prom gossip and drama. It’s so funny how such minute aspects of life consume high schoolers’ thoughts. While we were sitting at the table, two students walked up and asked us to nominate Prom king and queen. My response? An overwhelming YES! When they left, I turned to my sister and she told me who to vote for. I sure hope they win!

All in all, it was a lot of fun. I’m a little jealous my sister still has time left until she enters the semi-real world in college. I’m also glad she stays above the drama that cliques entail. It seems as though she’ll graduate relatively unscathed!

I’m hoping I can join her for lunch again soon, it got me out of the house and out of my normal routine. Since it might have been slightly weird to whip out the camera in the cafeteria, I’ll post this winner picture of us:

Not much has changed at all..except my hair isn’t quite so afro-like. Amanda’s also a bit taller than me now too; which leads her to hide things on higher shelves so I can’t reach! She’s evil 😉


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