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Call me maybe?

Thank you, TODAY show for getting Carly Rae Jepson’s incredibly catchy song stuck in my head at this hour of the morning. Guests on the plaza today included the men of Harvard’s baseball team and members of Southern Methodist University’s womens’ crew team. Why? Well, the girls created a response video imitating the boys’ music video for “Call Me Maybe.”

The boys’ video:

The girls’ video:

TODAY had the two groups re-do their videos in vans on the plaza as a competition. The kind people on the plaza called it a tie; but I’m saying Harvard definitely gets the win on this one. As I was writing this, another former Harvard students was being discussed on the show, Mark Zuckerberg. No, the news anchors weren’t discussing Facebook’s IPO. The topic in question? Zuckerberg’s signature hoodie. Is it appropriate for him to wear for any occasion? Sure, it’s his trademark look, and maybe he’s trying to disguise his riches. I’m sure he can afford a simple collared shirt or polo so that he can resemble the young, successful businessman that he is.

Maybe he likens his hoodie to the trademark thumbs up Facebook logo.

Breakfast today should look familiar for two reasons!

Ever since I made my chocolate chia seed pudding last night, I’ve been in a chocolate mood. After finishing my snack last night, I cleaned out my mug and prepared a batch of chocolate overnight oats. I omitted the chia seeds, so it was much creamier this morning.

The combination of cold oats and bananas was the perfect post-run fuel! I’m off to finish up some laundry and run some errands. On the agenda for later is the Nationals game with Kyle! Can’t wait!


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