Bad luck

I’ve decided that Kyle and I are bad luck at Nationals Games. We’ve now attended two losing games following wins. It’s a bummer, but the games are fun! My dad gets tickets through his work, and the seats are awesome!! We were basically sitting on the field, right by first base.

This means we got great views of players…

And the presidents competing in the famous (and my personal favorite) Presidents’ Race!

I give them a lot of credit. It must be tough to run with that huge head. They also had pierogies (spelling?) in honor of the opposing team, the Pittsburg Pirates.

I think they look more like peanuts, but the thought’s there! We almost thought the Nats had a chance for a win, but should have known better. Their first hit didn’t come until about the 5th or 6th inning. A lot was riding on last night’s game; and the sub sequential loss knocked the Nats out of first place. Win or lose, it was a fun time!

We wondered how often the security guard gets asked to take pictures for game-goers.

After hitting a bit of traffic on the way back, we made it home and I was exhausted and ready for bed! As usual, I couldn’t sleep in. I woke up and got my last run in before my dad and I’s race tomorrow! We’re headed to Williamsburg later today to run an 8k and then explore Colonial Williamsburg. I’m excited!

Before I worked out, I prepped some strawberry-banana overnight oats. I’m in an overnight oats rut and have vowed to switch it up next week! By the time I was ready to eat, the oats were ready and I topped them with chia seeds!

Stirred up!

Still loving my extra large mug! This morning was a sad morning in our household…no bananas! My breakfast just isn’t the same without a banana, but I survived and had a sliced apple instead. I’ve got a bunch of work to get done to prepare for my new position as Tech’s Campus Correspondent for HerCampus! I’m excited, but got bombarded with e-mails and a 12-page How-To Guide! Perhaps a trip to Starbucks is in order? 🙂


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