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Williamsburg wrap-up part 2

Here comes the rest of our afternoon!

We spent the remainder of our time in Colonial Williamsburg watching the Virginia Fife and Drum Corps. This weekend is the 9th annual Drummers Call in Williamsburg. After watching the traditional Fife and Drum Parade and cannons, a bunch of Fife and Drum Corps from the area were introduced and proceeded to play for a good three to four hours following. I can still hear the fifes playing in my head.

We went to lunch at The Trellis, located just outside of Colonial Williamsburg on the cobblestone street where the farmers’ market was held. I really wanted to sit outside to eat, and it was the perfect place to do so! The outdoor seating area was covered by a trellis (of course) with beautiful ivy growing on it.

I had the roasted turkey sandwich. It was perfect, packed with turkey, farmers’ cheese, sprouts, sweet onions, and cucumber. The bread was the best part, a hearty whole grain. I’m all about bread crust, and this one took the cake! It was covered in a bunch of different kinds of seeds. Honey mustard was served on the side to top the sandwich with. I also ordered an arugula mixed salad on the side, which came in the coolest glass bowl!

The carbs were welcome after the run this morning.

After lunch, we walked around Colonial Williamsburg for a bit more and then decided  it was time to hit up the outlets. I’m never in any mood to pass up a good outlet mall, and the Williamsburg Premium Outlets are some of my favorites!  We weren’t the only ones who decided to go to the outlets, parking was quite the debacle. We ended up following people to their cars and waiting for them to pack up and leave (yes, we’re those people).

We browsed around Banana Republic and J. Crew, there were tons of great sales! I love the outlets because of all the extra discounts they offer. I got a sleeveless top from Banana Republic and white khaki shorts from J.Crew. I was even able to receive 15% off my purchase at J.Crew by showing my student ID 🙂

We tired of the outlets quickly, it’s been a long day! We ended our outing by picking up some coffee again…so we can live longer, of course!

P.S. My dad’s race results were posted and he achieved a PR as well!!

Looking forward to a relaxing Sunday!


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