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Williamsburg wrap-up part 1

Greetings from Williamsburg! We’ve been having a great time so far, it was great to get away for a little while. We arrived at around 8 yesterday evening, just in time to pick up our packets and check out the expo. Since it’s only the Second Annual Run for the Dream 8k, the expo is still small. We picked up our shirts, bibs, and I purchased a Bani Band! Ever since reading about them on CarrotsnCake, I’ve been dying to check them out. Mine is orange with sequins; I give it an A+ in keeping my hair in place while running. (Note to self: stop buying things in orange. I’ve been on an orange spree lately…I also recently ordered an orange keyboard cover and laptop case from Amazon.

This morning was an early one. Dad and I awoke around 6:15 (very slowly). Once we were all ready, we drove to the Williamsburg Visitor’s Center where shuttle buses drove us to the Historical part of Williamsburg for the run. Our bus left at 7, which meant we were at the run at 7:15…what to do for 45 minutes? We were forced to warm-up for a little bit despite listening to the podcast I mentioned earlier this week. Waiting around also gave us some time to check out our competition (ha,ha).

FINALLY, it was time to begin. Since our bibs were between numbers 1-999, we were in the first corral. We were happy to start first! However, we were unhappy when the other 998 people arrived in the corral. We had no room to move! It’s always stressful right at the beginning of a run as everyone attempts to find a decent spot and rhythm. I found mine relatively quickly and took off.

My legs were super sore, but I wasn’t too bothered. Minus the steep hill during the first mile, it was a beautiful path. We ran through Colonial Williamsburg and The College of William and Mary’s campus (gorgeous!). We’ve visited Colonial Williamsburg quite a few times, but of course my view was different this time. We ended by running around the college’s track, which brought back some pretty bad memories from my high school track days. Anyway, I ended up getting my personal best time, 37:11 which put me at a a 7:37 pace and 2nd in my age division! Woo!

Here’s us after the race!

We picked up our usual post-race fuel (bananas) and my dad gave away his free beer coupon (it being 9 A.M. and all…). At this point, we were more than ready to shower and get our morning coffee! Along with my iced coffee, I also tried the toasted Spinach and Feta Wrap. It was so good, chocked full with melted feta, tomato, spinach and egg white.

All re-fueled, we were ready to explore Colonial Williamsburg. It was great to be able to walk around after the run, we were both a little stiff. We visited some sites we haven’t been to. If you’re unfamiliar with Colonial Williamsburg, it’s basically the colonial town completely recreated. The volunteers even dress up in character! We visited the Sugar Hill Plantation, a woman who taught us all about dying and weaving cotton, and the courthouse. My favorite was the courthouse. The volunteer reminded us that many of the laws we have today are they same as they were back in colonial days, our perception of them has just changed.

He discussed the differences between rights and licenses. He said, in theory, anyone has the right to own a car and do what they please with it on their private property. However, you must be of a certain age and pass a skills test in order to obtain a license to operate your vehicle on public property. Not sure why this was so interesting to me now that I think about it.

Back with the rest of the day in a bit! Dad and I are catching up on this week’s Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me.


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