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Delightfully uneventful

Today has been great for really no reason at all. Sundays are meant to be lazy, and that’s exactly what today was. Despite my best efforts catch up on some much-needed sleep after a busy weekend, I woke up right around my usual time. I was a little sore, and thought I would reduce some of that soreness by going on an easy 3-mile loop around my neighborhood.

It was an absolutely beautiful morning to do so, sunny with a light breeze. After searching for functioning earbuds, I was able to finish listening to the latest episode of Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me…Dad and I lost internet connection while attempting to listen. I’ve really taken to listening to podcasts while running as opposed to music. For some reason, I’m able to get into a better rhythm.

Fun fact: I actually prefer to run races sans music or podcasts. Even though it really annoys me to hear uneven footsteps and other people around me breathing heavily, I’m able to focus more on the run. I’ve done neighborhood jogs without music, and I find that it helps me focus more on my technique. That being said, it really wouldn’t have been the end of the world if I didn’t find working headphones this morning. Runner’s World recommended taking a “Tech Time Out” in their May 2012 issue.

Breakfast this morning was a debacle. I was planning on baking a new recipe for Strawberry Banana Muffins, but wasn’t really feeling it. For some reason, I really prefer baking when it’s raining outside. When it’s sunny, I’d rather be outside enjoying it. Still in a strawberry banana mood, I mixed a container of strawberry-banana Chobani, a few sliced strawberries, a sliced banana, and Kashi Heart to Heart cereal.

I used to be a cereal fanatic, and I’m definitely starting to come around again. I’m afraid to have it with milk though. I have this weird thing where I absolutely have to use all the milk I pour….three or four bowls of cereal later….

After breakfast, I sat on the deck and read more of Incendiary. My mom bought these great new reclining chairs so I soaked up the sun Sheryl Crow style for about an hour or so.

Remember Sheryl Crow? “Soak Up The Sun” is my all-time favorite and reminds me of summers at my childhood best friend’s lake house in Wisconsin.

You can’t not be happy while listening to that. I helped my mom with some cleaning, then it was time for lunch. Tuna salad it is! We had an avocado in the fridge so I also made Chipotle guacamole! My cousin used to manage Chipotle, and taught us how to make a bunch of their traditional items. The recipes are top secret though 😉

I love sticking every possible vegetable into tuna. It makes it way more colorful.

As for the rest of the afternoon, Mom and I made our weekly Wegmans trip, and I printed out the syllabi for my online summer courses which start tomorrow. Is it weird that I’m excited to start them? Mom says no, it just means I’m a lover of learning. I still think it’s probably slightly abnormal.

It feels like its going to rain, and I love being inside during storms! Can’t wait to watch the new episode of Food Network Star tonight!


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