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Be amazed

Get ready to be amazed. Seriously…I just found my new go-to dessert recipe. The best part? It’s so easy and contains only one ingredient!

I give you…Frozen Banana Soft Serve!

All you need is 2 frozen bananas. I suggest slicing them and putting them in a Tupperware to freeze for a couple hours.

Simply put the bananas in a food processor and process them until they are in a smooth, soft-serve form. Bananas look gross and brown after freezing which freaked me out a bit…but they taste delicious all the same!

I topped my soft serve with chocolate chips, but you can add any topping of your choice! I may consider adding peanut butter to the food processor next time 🙂

Bananas are the best!

I must be in a “B” food mood today…I made the best B.L.T today subbing goat cheese for mayo. The pictures are too pretty not to post…even though I don’t have much to say about lunch except for that it was enjoyed with a side of never-ending summer homework. Fun!

I’ve gotten really good at staging my plates for pictures, huh?

Time to watch one of my new favorite guilty pleasures…Dance Moms: Miami. 🙂


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