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Is college too easy?

That’s my question of the day. My mom noted an article asking that question on the front page of The Washington Post for me today. Study hours have dwindled to just about 15 hours per week. This prompted me to think about just how much time I spend studying and working throughout the semester (and now over the summer). See the link to the article below.

Are college students sailing through? 

I am likely not the first one to say that I expected to be incredibly overwhelmed with work during college. That’s not to say I wasn’t; I was just able to manage my time well so that as the semester went on, I had a schedule down. Sometimes, I feel as though my AP classes in high school were much more demanding than many of my college classes. I do believe that my classes will become more demanding as the years go on in college, I am only a rising sophomore!

I believe the fact that some are able to excel with time management in college while some fail has to do with the freedom of living away from home. When we’re at college, it is our life. Our entire world revolves around school; we live at school, eat at school, hang out at school. That being said, I think that atmosphere makes it much easier for school to be comparable to a full-time job. While many college students work in college, I didn’t during my freshman year. There were many a time I found myself wishing I did have a job as a means of making money while not working on school work.

Critics say that college students are getting lazy, that professors reward high grades with minimum effort. I tend to disagree, I think it’s the same as it was in high school. There are just going to be those kind of people who don’t have to work as hard to excel; while others struggle and strive for high grades, but just can’t quite make it. Then, there are the new college students who are just getting used to the freedoms associated with college. It’s incredibly easy to lose the drive one had in high school due to other distractions college offers, namely, parties. It’s easy to go overboard when mom and dad aren’t watching over your shoulder.

As I read over my syllabi for my online summer courses, I’m remembering the recommended study hours per week for 3 credit courses. My professors recommended 6-9 hours per week studying outside of class. I don’t know many who put in that much time for a 3 credit course; I definitely didn’t. That’s not because I was being lazy, it’s just because most of the time, it wasn’t necessary. Again, my view of this may change as I advance further and take classes more applicable for my major.

Another interesting point the article made was that the time spent studying depends on one’s major. I couldn’t agree with this more. The article states that architecture students spend the most time studying/working on projects in the studio. I know this from personal experience, one of my sorority sisters devotes hours upon hours of time in the studio. The next most demanding major? Chemical engineering. Again, I agree, especially at a school that specializes in engineering like Virginia Tech.

It sounds bad that I think this, but after reading the article and the views of adults, I tend to agree with them. Either college students have become lazy and are studying less, or they have succumbed to the many distractions (ie. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…) of new technology, abandoning schoolwork. I’m not innocent of that, here I am blogging away while I could be working on my summer classes! That being said, it’s time to stop ranting and get to work.

I made breakfast smile today! After a short interval workout followed by a hills workout, I used up the rest of my Van’s berry waffles. I’m sad to see them go!

After toasting the waffles, I made some Chocolate PB2 and spread it on top, then sprinkled some chia seeds on top!

It hit the spot! Iced coffee in hand, I’m ready to get to my school work for the day!


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