Breakfast / Dinner / Running / Workout

Switch it up

After one too many days of running on the treadmill, it was time to switch it up and run outside. I often find myself stuck in routines, and it’s hard to get myself out of them. I find it’s better to force yourself to switch up the old routines, you’ll keep from getting bored, and may even create a new routine you like better!

I completed my usual 5-miler and listened to a podcast during it. Podcasts > music while running for me. I’m weird, I know. Today, I listened to Tom Ashbrook’s On Point, “Church and State in America.” I took a course in Religion in American Life this past semester, and found this podcast super relevant to one of our units. I may even send the link to my professor (teacher’s pet…so what).

Let’s just say it was difficult to get myself ready to run outside today. I did something I’ve been reading on other blogs: I put on my favorite Dri Fit shirt and shorts combo. Look good, feel good!

It’s been such a rainy week here, so the weather was muggy and humid today. Not quite conducive to running so I was a sweaty mess after. Other than that, no complaints! Running outside is definitely way more exciting than the treadmill, even if I did miss watching the TODAY show.

Breakfast today was pretty! I’ve been craving peanut butter, so I decided to make a mini whole wheat bagel, and top it with chocolate PB2 and chia seeds! I was also feeling the cherries we have in the fridge. And what would breakfast be without a banana?

I was going to try and make another cute face, but thought this picture would suffice.

Before we settled down to watch the season finale of Modern Family last night, (watch it if you haven’t) Mom and I ran some errands and picked up dinner. I’ve been wanting to try the Wegmans sushi, and last night was the perfect night to pick it up! We weren’t in the mood to cook, and the impending thunderstorm was no motivation. Wegmans sushi = A+. I had a lump crab roll with brown rice, and my favorite, seaweed salad! Once you get past the funkiness of it, seaweed salad is delicious, and tastes super sweet.

Perfect dinner during a semi-thunderstorm (I say semi because it only thundered, lightning, and drizzled…what a tease!).

We’re going to a family friend’s graduation this afternoon, I can’t believe it’s already been a year since my own high school graduation!


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