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Ultimate Act of Defiance

This evening, my mom and I took our dog Penny on her usual evening walk. I always complain about walking her during the day when I’m home because she’s slow and not all that excited to walk.

My mom claims that in her old age, she’s gotten the “morning blues,” causing her laziness during the day and higher level of activity during the night. I wasn’t sure there was much truth to this until Penny jumped out of bed and ran out the door when we said “walk?!” It was pretty cute.

After we arrived home from the walk, I began packing to leave for the lake tomorrow. I hate packing, and it’s probably why I always end up over packing. I try to make lists, but somehow always end up bringing way more than I need. It’s also always an issue because I never know what I’m going to want to wear. It takes me long enough to get ready on a normal day, now I have to plan outfits for the next three days? Packing for the lake is much easier, though. My outfits typically consist of t-shirts and running shorts.

I should have almost everything I need with the absence of the toiletry items I’ll be needing tomorrow.

Mom and I ate on the go tonight!

I had a soup and salad! I apologize for the rather gross looking picture of my soup, I forgot my digital camera! Naturally, we made a stop at Pinkberry after. I went chocolate-crazy with a little coconut mixed in. Let’s just say that you definitely won’t get skimped on toppings at Pinkberry (you don’t get to add toppings yourself like at SweetFrog).

Clearly, I’m all over the place tonight. Back to the title of my post. Remember how I said Penny is typically cranky on our walks? I also forgot to mention her latest habit: doing her business, then turning around and heading home. She’s gotten smart about this too, and chooses to do her thing about 20 or 30 feet from our house. My mom and I actually wanted to stretch our legs today, so when she turned around, we kept walking.

Our poor old dog has lost some weight in her old age causing her collar to be slightly big. In her own ultimate act of defiance, Penny slipped right out of her collar when we turned around and kept walking forward. Someone really wasn’t feeling a walk this evening.

We decided not to push her any further and turned around to head home. We laugh at moments like this, but I can’t help but feel a little sad knowing walking even that short distance is probably tiring and painful for my Penny. 😦

We’re back and hanging out here, I may start a new book tonight. I finally finished Incendiary earlier today, and will post my review tomorrow!

In honor of my sister, Amanda who’s currently at the OneDirection concert (along with Michelle Obama, Sasha, and Malia!):

I’m not usually a huge fan of pop boy bands, but this song happens to be incredibly catchy!


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