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Weekend getaway

Good morning from Penny and I! We arrived at the lake  late yesterday evening. After grilling up some dinner, we relaxed and watched some TV (until I conked out). This morning, I headed out on my usual (super hilly) run and came back ready for a fun-filled day!

It looks like the weather is going to be beautiful…it’s already sunny, hot, and humid. I started my new book yesterday, and am almost halfway through it. Like I said yesterday, it’s an easy, gripping, mystery read.

One of my favorite things about the lake in the morning is how peaceful it is. I made myself some Starbucks VIA iced coffee in our awesome Tervis tumblers, and am just sitting out on the back deck watching the water. Everyone here respects the morning peace, so no one really takes their boats out until later in the morning. I enjoyed my simple breakfast of Kashi Heart to Heart with a sliced banana and some pecan chips I found in the pantry (we left a ton of great food here!)

See my tumbler? “License to chill.” Although I’ve never been the most relaxed person, I feel the most relaxed while I’m at the lake. I think it helps that we’re kind of in the middle of nowhere, so I’m forced to be cut off from daily stressors. Relaxation is all relative, I guess, right?

Seeing Penny just laying around like a bump on the log forces me to want to relax, too!

I’m excited for everyone to wake up so we can get the day started! I hope to get out on the wave runner and kayak, and my dad has promised a boat trip once the battery is recharged.

I have to get back to reading my book, I just reached a critical point!



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