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A fishy morning

Kyle and I awoke with the sun again this morning! I’m an early riser, but getting up pre-6 AM is pushing it. I eventually wake up, though, and I’m always happy that I did! It was a bright sunrise this morning; pretty and peaceful as always.

Notice Kyle’s fishing pole? That’s my attempt at being artsy. After the sunrise, I headed out for a four-miler. It was already really hot again, so I was sweaty! I saw lots of deer this morning, I love running so close to nature! When I got back, I went back down to the dock where Kyle was still fishing.

We switched sides of the dock today, hoping there’d be a better chance of catching. There were a ton of baby fish in this area, and we even saw a couple (or the same) big fish swimming around. Much to my dismay, he wasn’t biting. I honestly wouldn’t have known what to do if a fish of his size latched on to my hook. I did get lucky, though! Check it out:

I caught a baby fish! We threw him back in though. What a lucky fish; a fresh worm for breakfast, a taste of fresh air, and a life saved! This wasn’t my first caught fish; but it was exciting all the same. After that, I had some adrenaline and was hoping for similar results again. Although I had a few nibblers, the fish must have known I was an amateur. I thought I had another, but when I pulled the line out, the worm was gone…and so was the fish. It was a fun and early morning though.

Now, I’m sitting on the deck drinking my iced coffee and having some breakfast. We’re leaving later this afternoon, and my parents are leaving a bit earlier to pick up our new puppy! I’m so excited!

We’re headed out on the boat again today, hoping for less issues than yesterday! My dad has named the boat “No Clue” in lieu of his understanding regarding boating. We’re all new at this thing; but hey, we’re more than willing to make a few mistakes if we can learn something from them.

We’ve been so lucky with the weather here. Minus my (still) incredibly painful sunburn, the skies are blue and the sun is shining! Here’s Penny for ya…she doesn’t quite know what she’s in for later 🙂

Is it just me or does this whole holiday weekend thing confuse you, too? I keep thinking it’s Sunday today, and I have to remind myself it’s Monday!


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