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Storm’s brewing

I don’t think there could be better conditions outside as I type this. No, really. Thunderstorms are my thing, it is so peaceful to be inside during them. My mom and I had to speed up or nightly dog walk due to the impending storm and our desires to stay inside during it.

It’s worse than I thought it would be! I kept my window open because I love hearing the rain fall, and am now left with a wet carpet. Bummer. Anyway, there’s lots of thunder and lighting- causing us to lose power for a hot second. THANK GOODNESS I chose to take my quiz for my online class on my laptop…not sure what I would have done if I lost it!

Recap of my day: I made that smoothie I wanted. And ate more small snacks shortly after. I went to the library and checked out three new books. Forgot my library card. Paid $1 as punishment. Completed more schoolwork. Finished dinner.

We’ll start with the smoothie bowl…a delicious combination of almond milk, peanut butter, cocoa powder, and two frozen bananas. Topped with some cereal…I couldn’t get enough so I had a bowl after. This was the first time I used xantham gum to thicken my smoothie and it was a success!

The smoothie was the perfect way to cool down during the hotter-than-Hades afternoon. Oh, summer heat, I have not quite missed you.

My trip to the library: I checked out Anna Quindler’s Black and Blue randomly, Diane Chamberlain’s The Lies We Told because I loved The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes, and Chevy Steven’s Still Missing because of a positive review I read. Three books that will be done by next week.

Next up…is dinner! I slow-cooked chicken breasts and BBQ sauce. So easy and so good! The family loved it.

Although I love any type of steamed vegetable, these steamed green beans are currently my new favorite.

As for the rest of my evening, I’ve got some TV shows lined up to watch and a writing assignment to complete. I submitted my essay earlier today (after much deliberation) and am taking my exam tomorrow…don’t get me started on how nervous I am.

For now, I’ll enjoy the rest of the storm with Pippa sleeping at my feet. How quickly she’s warming up to us!


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