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Three became two

What do you get when you try to walk an older dog and a puppy?

The older dog just may slip out of her collar, leaving you being pulled by the over-excited puppy.

Her attitude screams, “Come on, let’s go!”

So, who is this mystery puppy? She’s our new 5-month old Goldendoodle, Pippa!

That face is irresistible, huh? I thought this was a perfect picture for her to make her blogging debut. Since it’s just me at home during the day, I get the joy of living with a new puppy. Pippa isn’t like normal new puppies, though. Her breeder was great and taught her some basic commands! She knows no bark, come, and some others. My new goal is to discover why she is so afraid of the opening and closing of the garage door…she actually ran away as I was opening it!

That being said, our walk for three became a walk for two. I think Penny was happy with the decision.

By the way, we think it’s only fitting we refer to Penny as “Queen Mother,” since her new sister is a royal. As usual, Penny chased the geese on our way home.

It feels odd to post mid-day. My usual breakfast post was sidelined as I played some catch up for my online classes. After completing a little over a 5 mile run, I had some cereal topped with blueberries, almonds, and a sliced banana alongside iced coffee. I’ve become incredibly obsessed with any and all kinds of cereal for breakfast lately and although it’s more than delicious, the pictures tend to be pretty boring. I do love instagram for my cereal pictures, it always makes them look a little more interesting.

As far as the rest of my day, I have an essay to submit for one class and a little more note-taking for another. I’ve got an exam to take tomorrow, so I’ll probably look over my notes later tonight before I take it tomorrow morning.

I’ve been feeling a little funky today and after a super hot walk, (it’s supposed to reach 90 today!) a smoothie to tide me over until I feel hungry again sounds great. In fact, as I’ve been typing away, my bananas are slowly thawing from their frozen solid state. I’m thinking some combination of peanut butter, bananas, and chocolate sounds fantastic right about now.

I’m also preparing a new recipe for my family’s dinner tonight using my new favorite cooking tool: the Crock Pot. It looks unappetizing now, but I hope it turns out to be a great dinner later!

Off to do a little more work! But first- a much needed break. I spy the new episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” on our DVR and it sounds like just the right break-time T.V.


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