Breakfast / Running / Workout

Some royal advice

Today, I woke up raring and ready to go! Despite the dreary weather, I got my butt up and ready because I had a new workout I’ve been dying to try. I began by completing the “.2 Treadmill Workout” that I modified last week with slightly slower speeds. This morning I completed the actual speeds and it was tough! It’s a great 4-miler, though. After that, I completed the 100 workout.

I really liked the 100 workout, it kept me moving, and allowed me to have a nice 1-mile cool down jog at the end of my workout.

Laugh all you want at my workout books, but I’ve collected quite a few workouts via Pinterest and other bloggers. Taking my book with me is an easy way for me to quickly look up any workout I’m feelin’ that day. I realize it’s incredibly Type-A, but that’s who I am!

While working out, I watched the TODAY show, and they mentioned upcoming coverage on the Queen’s Royal Jubilee Ball this weekend. I’m so jealous of anyone in or around London! My family and I have always been interested in the royals ,(we just named our new puppy Pippa!) so we’ll definitely be watching this.

The TODAY show also discussed the Queen’s Royal Garden Party, basically a fashion event to show off the back of Buckingham Palace. When I think of the Queen’s Royal Garden Party, I think of Amanda Bynes in the classic “What A Girl Wants”….who’s with me?

What happened to her, anyway? I hope you know I’m definitely planning on watching that movie later today once I finish up my school work.

The point of my rant: the most recent Garden Party marks Princess Kate Middleton’s first appearance at the well-known event. She looked beautiful as always. Most notably, she actually re-wore a dress she wore just two weeks ago!

Princess Kate is a fashion icon, and I think the message she sent by re-wearing the dress is great, and continues to portray her as just a normal young woman. The dress was likely thousands of dollars, why only wear it once? Pippa is even shown wearing Kate’s engagement dress, in a different color.

Such a pretty dress. I think we can all follow in Kate’s lead, I know I will. It’s become a bad habit of mine to buy items that I only wear once. Those items are then pushed to the back of my closet. I’m working on buying more basic items that can be accessorized for any occasion. I think this will eliminate wasted money; I am a college student, you know!

It’s off to work for me! Fueled by iced coffee….

Greek yogurt topped with Kashi Heart to Heart, bananas, almonds, and cinammon….

and some ripe cherries on the side!

In the mix:

  • 1 6 oz. container Chobani Plain
  • about 1 cup Kashi Heart to Heart cereal
  • 1 sliced banana
  • small handful sliced almonds
  • sprinkled with cinnamon

Back later!


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