Dinner / Lunch

Green thumb, anyone?

Despite my best efforts, little progress on school work was made today. Instead, I busied myself with various errands, caught up on all my TV shows, and read my newest book, Black and Blue.

What can I say? Everyone has those less motivated days. That’s not to say I didn’t get absolutely nothing done. I do have to stay on some sort of track!

Lunch today was inspired by another blogger’s post yesterday.

A breakfast taco!

I scrambled two eggs, added spinach, chopped onion, sliced almonds, and pepper. I was a little nervous about cooking the almonds with the eggs, but it was successful and really good! I also had an apple.

For the remainder of the afternoon, I busied myself with errands and playing with the new puppy. Tonight’s dinner got me thinking about a summer goal.

Start a garden!

I think it would be so satisfying to grow, pick, and eat my own vegetables. We’ve had gardens in the past, all we need to do is stake out an area with fertile soil, get some seeds, and go!

As a kid, I loved going to the nearby farmers’ market and look at all the fresh food. Now, I still love doing that and would love to be able to do it myself.

This idea was fueled by listening to Tom Ashbrook’s new podcast (apparently I’m really feelin’ the podcasts today…) He discussed a host of issues and advice regarding starting your own garden. There were also a bunch of callers who talked about their own gardens.

The great thing about having a garden is that it’s not only useful during the summer months. One caller discussed how she grows tomatoes and stores them in mason jars and cans throughout the winter. Fresh vegetables during the winter are a treat!

With the whole organic, natural kick that seems to be sweeping the nation, I think a garden would be a great way to start. All this talk also reminds me of my newfound love for Whole Foods and the care they taking in making sure all their food is the best quality in organics. Tends to be a little pricey, though.

Anyway, I just really like the idea of eating “whole” foods. Sure, snacks like chips and crackers are great, but I just think eating whole fruits and vegetables is much more satisfying (especially if you hand pick them!).

I’m a little clueless when it comes to the whole gardening thing, but I’m a quick learner!


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