Breakfast / Races / Running / Workout

First half

Slight obsession with the yogurt bowls as of late.

At least I switch it up! I traded vanilla for strawberry Chobani and traded in my cherries for blueberries!

Same cereal, same almonds.

Different coffee! Today, I tried vanilla coconut milk instead of my usual 2%. I am a huge fan. This is a great breakfast after a tough workout.

Last night was a big night for me: I registered for my first half marathon! I knew I’d be planning to run the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach this upcoming September, it was just a matter of signing up. Now that it’s official, I can begin my training! I’m excited, but a little nervous, too.

We also signed up to do a 4-miler next Saturday evening when I get back from my trip.

Now for an interesting article I read yesterday in the Costco Connection (yes, there is a magazine for Costco cardholders). The article featured Bob Harper, the well-known fitness trainer from one of my favorite shows, The Biggest Loser. Recently, Harper penned a book titled The Skinny Rules. I won’t post all the rules, but here’s one I found most interesting.

  • Eat certain foods at certain times, such as most of your carbs in the morning (little or none after lunch) and protein and fiber in the afternoon; eat lean and green at night; plan meals and prepare portion sizes on Sunday evening for the week; and place certain smart snack foods; such as hard boiled eggs, blueberries, cucumbers, at eye level in the fridge.

It’s interesting, for sure, but I don’t know if I’d be able to completely cut carbs after breakfast…

In other random news…the winner of the Scripps National Spelling Bee was named last night! She is 14-year old Snigdha Nandipati. She spelled the word ‘guetapens’ which has French roots and means ambush or trap. I commend her! I competed in my third grade spelling bee and ended up faring pretty well, until I messed up a word in the end. I beat myself up over it for days (and still do…just kidding) and that was the end of spelling competitions for me.

My second random news of the day…Justin Bieber suffered a concussion? While backstage on tour in Norway, he accidentally knocked his head on a glass wall and actually blacked out on stage for 15 seconds! And he continued performing…what a champ. I’ll also mention that this was not the first time J Biebs has suffered head injuries while walking into a wall.

Those are my random musings of the morning! Off to get some work done, then I’ll probably hang out around the house today. It looks like it’s going to be a dull, rainy day around here.


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