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Poopy Pippa

Before I get to the rather gross title of my post, let’s rewind and take a look at my day. My dad and I planned to go for our usual run this morning, so we woke up and were off and running. It was such a great morning for a run, and a ton of people were also hittin’ the trails early.

Guess what I had for breakfast?

Correct! Today’s combo had rasberry Chobani in the mix. I realized why I keep having the same thing…I’m trying to use up all the cereal before it gets stale and before I leave for my trip.

Totally logical. But boring. Tomorrow, I’ve vowed to make something different since it is Sunday and all. Here’s something that will NEVER change in my breakfasts..

Because coffee is the greatest thing on earth. Yep, the single greatest thing. After banging out an essay and an extra credit assignment, I hung out like a bump on a log for a while. High levels of productivity call for a little rest, right? Once I decided to get up, I made a wrap! Ham + tomatoes + cheese + spring mix + honey mustard.


And an apple and cherries on the side (I’m trying to get rid of those, too).

I never used to be a big fan of cherries but they’re growing on me. My dad and I just got back from the grocery store to pick up some salmon and tuna for dinner. He recently purchased cedar planks and we’re excited to try them out on the grill!

I also recently discovered my new favorite obsession:

Flavored sparkling water?

Black rasberry. It is so good! I must have missed the boat back when sparkling water was a big deal. I guess it’s good that it’s made a comeback?

And now to the title of this post…Pippa, our puppy. She is so cute and we love her. We would love her even more if she refrained from pooping in the house. It’s gross and no one likes to clean it up. We’ve resorted to using baby gates to confine her to one area. Give a puppy an inch and you get a mile!

We’ve also begun to walk her around the clock, coaxing her to go each time. I swear I’ll be saying “Pippa go potty!” in my sleep. So, there you have it. A new nickname for our puppy who’s too good to do her dirty business in the great outdoors.




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