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Snow White and overnight oats

Last night, Kyle and I went to the movies and saw my choice: Snow White and the Huntsman! We recently saw The Dictator and were not fans, so I was hoping for better results this time around. The Today show just mentioned that the movie took the top spot at the box office this weekend; at about $56.3 million, so we weren’t the only ones with this idea!

I loved it! It was so dark and mysterious, while still keeping with the popular fairy tale. I’m a Disney fanatic, and in no way did this movie ruin the happier, brighter stories for me. I was impressed at how well the directors kept with the story, all the elements of Snow White snuck in somewhere. The addition of the Huntsman was brilliant, as well.

I’m also impressed with how evil Charlize Theron can be! She was the evil queen, and played it well.

I’m definitely not a fan of the Twilight movies, but Kristen Stewart won me over as Snow White.

In the movie, her dress was red and blue…just like the Disney version!

I was a little disappointed to not see Kristen Stewart singing to the birds, that would have been quite a site.  Anyway, the movie was great. I usually find it difficult to sit still in movies, (are you surprised?) especially longer ones, but I was really into this movie. Fair warning: it’s a little gory and there’s a lot of death. Hey, I said it was dark and scary!

The scary aspect of it reminded me of the Snow White ride at Disney World. If you’ve ever been on the ride, you’ll know that it’s a pretty scary ride for little kids. I thought the Dark Forest was scary on the ride, until I saw it on the big screen!

Overall, I’d definitely recommend you see it! After, we went to Pinkberry because I have a customer card. We only have to go a couple more times until we get free Pinkberry,  yay!


This morning, I went on another run outside. I’ll miss my usual loop while I’m gone! As some of you may know, I use the iMapMyRun app as a GPS tracking device on my iPhone since I don’t have a Garmin. Yesterday, I found DailyMile, another way to keep track of my running. I thought it’d be great to use as I begin training for the half marathon. You can find my profile here.

So far, it seems a lot like Twitter but for runners. I love Twitter and I love running, so it’s right up my alley!

Breakfast today was the return of one of my many previous obsessions, overnight oats! In the mix: Vanilla Chobani, almond milk, Quaker Oats, sliced banana, and sliced almonds!

It is hittin’ the spot and is the perfect fuel for some good old school work.

In my favorite mug, of course. Now, it’s time to work on some school stuff before I get my bags all packed and ready to go to Chicago later this afternoon!

Need I even mention the coffee + coconut milk as part of my breakfast anymore?


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