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Successful solo trip

I’ve arrived safe and sound! My trip went well. I should probably be considered a business select passenger based on how fluidly I checked in, went through security, and waited at my gate.

My trip is best described through a slew of Instagram photos to my family and Kyle. My internet connection is a little shotty though, so uploading is quite slow.

My sister, Amanda, drove me to the airport. She was so patient while I complained about not getting there on time. Typical, stressed-out me, huh? The airport wasn’t as crowded as I expected it to be, as I went through security and arrived at my gate quickly (it also helped that I dressed smart here- no belt and flip flops!).

Dulles recently underwent a huge renovation, where they installed super speedy trains to bring you to your gate. I had my parents guess, “Where am I?”

Dad won on this one…guessing the very creative “Dulles?” Haha.

Once I arrived at my gate, (it’s always the same one when I go to Chicago) I had to pick up some coffee and dinner to eat on the flight. I knew my flight was right during dinner, and I know myself better than to think those baby bags of peanuts and pretzels will tide me over! I went to Potbelly and tried the new Grilled Chicken and Cheddar sandwich and BBQ Popchips! Both are an A+. I’m actually bummed I didn’t get a picture.

I didn’t have to wait to get on the plane for too long, and I ended up getting my favorite seat!

And then I took one last selfie when I arrived at the airport!

When I arrived at the airport, I had a special surprise waiting for me at the gate: my mom! She was in Chicago this past weekend so we got a chance to catch up for a little before I met my aunt to pick me up.

Now, I’m just hanging out doing some school work over breakfast before we get the day started. I completed a quick workout this morning. The cool thing about the exercise facility at my grandparent’s condo complex is that it’s on the penthouse! Check out the gorgeous view of the skyline I had today!

Off to enjoy the day!


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