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Busy day

Well, days around here are busy to say the least. I still can’t allow myself to sleep in, (I blame the time difference) so I was up early again today. I actually enjoy waking up early, especially when I get such a beautiful view of the skyline from the penthouse.

Of course, I had to participate in National Running Day. It might have been more fun if I hadn’t been confined to a treadmill, but hey beggars can’t be choosers, right?

After that, I grabbed some coffee with almond milk and got started on an exam due today. I had a time limit, and I wanted to get it done as soon as possible. After a slight snafu with the oatmeal container, (involving oats just about everywhere inside the cabinet) I was able to enjoy some “overnight” oats. I guess they were more like “soaking while test taking in the morning” oats.

I used vanilla Chobani and almond milk, and did something a little different this time. My grandparents keep their bananas in the fridge, and although I poo-pooed the idea originally, (the bananas get brown when I prefer them bright yellow) cold bananas are growing on me. I sliced some up and allowed them to soak along with my oats. I topped them with chopped walnuts, and I was good to go!

My connection for uploading pictures is INCREDIBLY slow. I’ve been waiting about ten minutes for another glorious picture of my oats to upload with no luck or any sign of speedy upload.

I have absolutely no patience to wait hours for my other pictures to upload so, sadly, minus my one breakfast photo, this will be a boring picture-less post.

Anyway, after breakfast, I hung out and attempted some more work while watching the Today show. I was so shocked when I heard about Andrew DeLeon, who people are calling “The Next Susan Boyle.” See for yourself why here.

Try to focus your attention on his voice, not his eyes (although they’re pretty scary, too!).

After dropping my grandpa off to play cards with his friends, I picked up some lunch and headed over to the rehab center to hang out with my grandma and aunt for a bit. It was a gorgeous day out today, so we sat on the patio and played a game of Liverpool rummy before I had to pick up my grandpa from cards.

*picture would be here*

We then headed back to the rehab center to finish up cards and chat until my grandma had to head to the dining room for dinner. My snack (a Larabar uber nut bar) had tided me over, but not quite enough. On the way back, we stopped at McDonald’s for some iced coffee and the grocery store to pick up some supplies for dinner.

*picture of dinner would be here*

I made a cashew-crusted salmon, and I loved it! I’m really into salmon lately so I was happy to see it in my grandparents’ freezer. Now, I’m off to veg out in front of the TV for the evening. Maybe I’ll sneak in some reading before bed?


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