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Wow, it feels really weird missing a day of blogging! I am actually quite surprised I forgot, I was around my computer for a large portion of the day.

I guess I just got caught up planning an essay for a class and taking care of my grandpa! Grandpa went out to lunch with some of his friends yesterday, so I took advantage of that time to prepare my essay for one of my classes. I almost started writing it, too. Until I took an unexpected nap. As my grandpa would say, “I didn’t know I took it until I woke up!” Couldn’t be more true about my nap yesterday.

When he arrived home, we had about 15 minutes of down time until we got picked up by my cousin to go out to dinner and play cards with my grandpa at the rehab center. We were planning on going to Flat Top, but unfortunately an arson at the restaurant next door caused damages to Flat Top and they were closed!

Still craving some sort of Asian stir fry, we went to the next closest restaurant, Noodles & Company. I’ve never been to Noodles before, I’ve always been apprehensive to try it for some reason. I got Japanese Pan Noodles with chicken and I am a fan! I was also impressed with their drink machine. You can get pretty much any drink you want! I combined a Dasani Sparkling Rasberry water with Sprite 🙂

My family loves playing cards, we play at just about every gathering! Last night’s game was especially great…I won! We had to leave my grandma pretty early, visitor’s policy only allows us to stay until 8. When we arrived back at home, grandpa and I were exhausted…it was another long day!

On the agenda for today is a meeting with the caretakers, visiting, and seeing a movie in my hometown with my grandpa and aunt! We’re seeing “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” at a theater close to my old home. I’m excited, I’ve been wanting to see this one too.

As for now, I’m planning on making a batch of banana protein oatmeal (combining oats, egg whites, and a banana). I took it easy while working out today ; we’re running a four-miler race tomorrow evening and I don’t want to wear myself out!

I’m planning on cooking a special dinner for grandpa tonight!

I’ll add pictures when my internet connection improves.


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