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Early birds > night owls

Before I get to the title of my post, I’ll start with breakfast! As I promised myself I’d do, I switched it up with a good old cereal bowl! Kashi Berry Blossoms cereal, vanilla Chobani, almonds, and fresh strawberries rounded out my morning meal.

Perfect breakfast after a speedy 4.5 mile run!

I’ve decided that I’m more inclined to eat meals that have lots of varying textures, it keeps me interested!

I wasn’t paying close attention to my class schedules yesterday, so I accidentally turned in a bunch of stuff early. My professor moved all due dates back one day; so while I was initially planning on taking a test today, I actually get a day off and can’t take it until tomorrow!

That means I have a free day 🙂 Not sure how I’ll be spending it…I have a dentist’s appointment, and need to catch up on some pleasure reading since my books are due back at the library soon. I’ll be productive, of course!

Now for an interesting article I found while browsing Pinterest the other day!

The Today show discussed a recent study which found that morning people are actually happier than their fellow night owls. The study focused on two groups: ages 17-38 and 59-79. The participants filled out questionnaires about their emotional states, health, and how they feel during their preferred time of day.

The study found that by age 60, most people are morning types and only 7% of young adults are morning types (I’m part of that 7%!) and by age 60, only 7% still cling to their night owl tendencies.

The study also found that those who claimed to be morning types felt and were healthier overall. Why do morning people say they feel healthier overall? Well, according to study researcher Renee Bliss, society actually runs on an early bird schedule!

“We don’t know why this is, but there are a few potential explanations. Evening people may be more prone to social jet lag; this means that their biological clock is out of sync with the social clock. Society’s expectations are far more organized around a morning-type person’s schedule.”

So, what’s the verdict of the study? Become a morning person? Obviously, it’s not all that easy. The study researchers suggested increasing natural light exposure in the morning and, of course, going to bed earlier. Consistent times for your sleep-wake schedule will help!

Read more about the study here.

Just a little knowledge to get your day started!


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