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Taking the first step

Lately, I’ve been reading up on running mantras. As I increase my mileage in preparation for the half marathon, I need some motivation. After finally getting a decent amount of sleep last night, I planned to run outside this morning. I got all ready to go…then I looked out the window. It looked like it was raining (or getting ready to)! When I stepped outside, I found it wasn’t raining-yet. I decided, the quicker I got out to run, the less chance I’d have of getting caught in the rain.

The first step you take is always the hardest.

This mantra holds true not only for running, but in solving problems throughout our daily lives, like those in relationships. It’s not the weaker person who apologizes first, it’s the stronger. Once you get the first step out of the way, everything will fall into place as it should. Or so we hope. My word of advice for today: take the first step to better yourself, and the pieces will fall as they may.

Rainy days make me feel insightful, what can I say? After my 5-mile loop, I showered and ate breakfast. Cereal domination continues with a bowl filled with half Kashi Berry Blossoms and half Kashi blueberry oat clusters. Topped with almonds and a sliced banana!

With a side of The Washington Post 🙂

I wanted to get an early start today, as I needed to get my car’s emissions tested. My dealership gets crowded, (as I assume most do) so I got there a little after it opened in hopes of avoiding crowds. It worked! I only had to wait about a half an hour for my car to be done, just enough time to finish Diane Chamberlain’s The Lies We Told. Writing the review is on the agenda for later.

On my way back, I grabbed some iced coffee to fuel some essay writing for one of my summer classes. I just finished my lunch of a breakfast quesadilla (2 scrambled eggs, spinach, red onion, and mozarrella cheese) and am taking a break before finishing up some more work.

In the paper today was an interesting story about a dog blessing ceremony that took place over the weekend. The ceremony included a blessing for the dogs we love. It probably sounds completely ridiculous to non-dog owners, but I loved it. Read the article about the annual ceremony here.


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