Breakfast / Running / School / Workout

What a concept

Yesterday was a sad day for me. The money on my Starbucks gold card ran out. Usually, I can last for a month on that money alone. Guess I should have made my Starbucks trips a little less frequent this month.

My lack of money on my card prompted me to try a new idea to caffeinate my mornings: refrigerate brewed coffee!

It’s the exact same thing Starbucks does, (I’ve seen it) so why can’t I? The verdict? It works and tastes the exact same! The only thing missing was either the classic or hazelnut syrup I’ll typically get in my Starbucks coffee. I do know that you can buy these syrups…but they come in massive containers and I’m afraid I probably wouldn’t use it all up.

Before enjoying my new creation, I went on a run in hopes of beating the heat. The verdict on that one? There’s no beating the heat today. The temperature is supposed to be 100 degrees by midday today…meaning that it was about 75 and humid when I went on my run early this morning. Sweat = success, right?

I’ve been loving mixing cereals, so that was my breakfast today!

In the mix: Kashi Berry Blossoms, Kashi Heart to Heart, sliced almonds, and a sliced banana. Fun fact about the banana: I bought it at Starbucks yesterday before babysitting just in case there wasn’t one to slice up for my cereal. Since there was already a bunch of bananas, I used those and saved this one. Starbucks sells individual bananas, (to-go) which means they don’t have those brown nubs on the end. How convenient!

I love using vanilla coconut milk in cereal.

I read the paper while eating my cereal. The Nationals won last night after a series of losses against the Yankees. Yay!

As usual, I read my horoscope. The past couple days, my daily horoscopes have been so right. I usually twist them so they fit for my life/day, but yesterday and today, no twisting was required.

“You’ve been doing a lot of emotional work today. Make plans to be near people who are easy to be with. Laughter and breezy conversations are restorative.”

I just finished my exam for today. Depending on how I’m feeling later, I’ll take a quiz due for my other class. We’ll see how that goes, though. I got distracted from starting when I found this link on Pinterest. My mom and are obsessed with Gilmore Girls and own every season on DVD. This is a compiled list of the 250+ books Rory mentions that she’s read throughout Gilmore Girls. Her reading tends to err on the more scholarly side, but I’ll give a few of her reads a try!

And I’ll do just that today 🙂


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