Breakfast / Dessert / Running

Dinner and a movie

It’s pretty safe to say that my mom and I have had a long week. Last night, we decided to go out for dinner and a movie to relax! We love trying new restaurants. We’ve been driving by Zoe’s Kitchen for years; each time saying “We have to go there!” So last night, we finally went!

We both loved it! The inside was decorated so well, with my favorite colors (bright orange and green). We weren’t aware it was Mediterranean-style food, which isn’t a bad thing at all! Famished, we looked at the  menu for about 2.5 seconds and immediately chose. For mom, a tossed Greek salad. For me,  a tossed Tabouli salad with shrimp kabobs. I saw the picture and knew that’s what I was getting. I also wanted to try their homemade limeade along with dinner.

The salads were so good! I had no idea what Tabouli was, but it turned out to be pasta-like. The grilled shrimp kabobs were the best, although I’ll eat pretty much anything with shrimp. Mom and I also agreed that feta cheese is the ideal salad cheese.

On our way out, we decided to browse the menu (since we didn’t when we first walked in) and found so many other great things to try! Freshly made hummus and pita? Wraps? Sandwiches? It’s safe to say we’ll be back.

After dinner, we headed over to our favorite theater in Fairfax City. It’s a cute little family-owned theater. It doesn’t always get the big-name movies, but that was okay, since we planned on seeing Moonrise Kingdom! I love quirky, indie films so this was right up my alley. I also found out it played on opening night at the Cannes Film Festival.

The movie was set in the mid-1960s, so there was tons of cigarette smoking, saddle shoes, heavy eye makeup, and retro home decor. I decided I really liked this time period. The story takes place on a small New England island, and follows two 12-year-old outcasted lovebirds who flee their homes to escape to each to other.

I had no idea what to expect walking in, but I was so pleasantly surprised. It was exactly my type of sarcastic humor. The director did a great job of setting up the story; oddly enough, doing so without any of the characters speaking.

The love story was so cute and believable. Mom and I both agreed there was one point where it got a little risque, (for a PG-13 movie) although it didn’t bother me much seeing as though I just finished 50 Shades of Grey yesterday. Talk about risque!

Anyway, Bruce Willis, Frances McDormand, and Bill Murray were great. It was a fun and relaxing way to spend the evening.

On to this morning! I woke up bright and early, feeling well-rested for one of the first days this week. I completed a treadmill workout (I’m a baby and not used to the intense humidity quite yet) and had my favorite cereal breakfast alongside some iced coffee my dad prepped for be before he left for work.

In the mix: Kashi Heart to Heart, blueberry cereal puffs, strawberries, and a banana. Easy, and so delicious. We’re expecting some storms later, so I hope to be all cozy inside this afternoon.


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