Lunch / Races

5K Saturday

It’s been a busy day around here! First things first, I woke up bright and early to run the Annual Tim Harmon 5K. I’ve run it a couple times, so I was familiar with the route and excited to see how I’d fare for a timed 5K.

The verdict? I PRed! I got 22:29, with an average mile pace of 7:15. This left me at 3rd in my age group and 16th place of the female competitors. YAY! Talk about improvement…I ran this race a couple years ago in a little over 33 minutes. Crazy, huh? Just goes to show you that major improvement comes with major practice.

The other verdict? It’s quite hot; even at 8:30 A.M. Other than that, it was a great run. Just FYI: races must meet certain criteria in order for me to like them. In this order:

  1. A decent route (I’d rather not run circles, but will if I must)
  2. COLD water at the finish line
  3. Cool free stuff in the goodie bag (there better be a t-shirt)
  4. A wide array of food at the finish line (preferably bananas)

This race doesn’t have the best route, but I think that part’s more important for longer races. Need I say more regarding #2? This race gave a free shirt, coupons to restaurants, $10 new sneakers at Dick’s, and mini Larabars!! (I had a chocolate chip cookie dough one right before). As for the food at the finish, bananas are a staple, and granola bars are always fun.

After the race, my mom and I parted ways (she took great action shots!). I picked up the requisite coffee, and she went off to work. When I arrived home, my sister and I had some pool time. It was fun until I got burned. On the plus side, I’m loving my new book.

Leftover crab cakes in a wrap for lunch. Major retail therapy at Old Navy, (there was a sale AND we had a coupon) and pottery painting made for a great afternoon. We hit up Wegman’s for dinner, and now we’re just relaxing.

Our creations:

I made that polka-dotted beauty. I’m quite the artist.

I think there’s some celebratory Pinkberry in my future, back tomorrow  🙂


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