Dinner / Lunch / Running / Walks


I always say Sunday is a recovery day for me. Today, I woke up more sore than I expected to be. I’m always sore following a race since I push myself more. My recovery day is usually a light run. So, that’s exactly what I did this morning. I took it slow and focused on improving my form (a much more difficult task than it seems!).

After the run, I completed a bunch of school work. This is my last week, so I’ll be busy with a final paper and two final exams. Eek! At least I can look forward to being done next week. I’ve got a bunch of crafts pinned on Pinterest that I’m looking forward to making for my apartment next year!

Hunger rolled in around 12:30, so I made a turkey, hummus, and cheese wrap. I also put some honey dijon mustard on it.

I put toothpicks in the wrap this time to make for a better picture than my crab cake wrap! I also had some cherries and a pear.

While I was eating, my friend texted me asking to join her at the pool. I was planning on going to the neighborhood pool, but hanging out at the pool is much more fun with a friend.

It was so hot today. Luckily, we had quite a bit of cloud cover. I definitely still got burned, though. I use sunscreen, I swear! I’m not trying to get a horrible burn like the one I got this past Memorial Day, yuck.

After a good three hours of napping, talking, and swimming, we parted ways. I took the dogs on a walk when I got home. It is so entertaining walking Pippa because she is entertained by the simplest things. Her latest find? Old, crunchy leaves and tree bark. She eats both. Today, she also chased her tail for a bit which is always cute.

For dinner, I made a huge salad. For days, I’ve been craving a big salad. I decided to go with a southwest flavor and topped romaine with corn, salsa, red onion, tomato, and cheddar cheese. I cooked up a turkey burger and added it to the top.

The salsa made the salad. It was spicy and even had some black beans and peppers in it. I loved this dinner because it was super easy and now I’m full!

BIIIG T.V. night tonight: Sister Wives finale, Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Food Network Star. Personally, I’m rooting for RHONJ. The toughest decision of the night will be which one we choose to watch live. Talk about recovery!


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