Dessert / Erranding

Starting a garden

In an effort to get used to the humidity, I went on my usual 5-mile loop this morning. It was killers. After breakfast, mom and I made a trip out to Merrifield Garden Center. It’s a huge facility near our house, and it’s a gardener’s dream!

I was in complete awe with just how many different types of plants they had. There were so many pretty flowers! I found the most beautiful Black-Eyed-Susans, which reminded me of the massive sunflowers we used to grow in my childhood backyard.

See the butterfly?

We went to the garden center to complete one mission: buy vegetables for a vegetable garden. It’s too late to begin with seeds, so we ended up buying potted vegetables. We bought a variety: tomatoes, peppers, and a few different types of herbs. We were hoping to find strawberries, but had no luck. Hopefully, we can find them elsewhere.

I haven’t gardened in a while, and I’m looking forward to beginning again. We used to have a garden when I was little, and I can’t wait for that satisfying feeling of planting, nurturing, then eating what we grow!

After a successful trip to the garden center, we went to Costco. Although we weren’t planning on buying many bulk food items, (buying in bulk = eating in bulk) we couldn’t pass up the 12-packs of Chobani. Our original goal was to buy the second and third books in the 50 Shades trilogy. My surprising find? Books are dirt cheap at Costco. The other day, I spent $26 on a hardcover book from Barnes & Noble. How much was it at Costco? $14. I was pretty annoyed.

We rounded out the erranding trip with Wegmans. I had plans to hang out with a friend this afternoon, so we thought we’d get everything done before lunchtime, and we did! My friend and I were hoping to go to the pool, and at around lunchtime, the weather wasn’t looking too great. Thankfully, it only rained for about five minutes and for the rest of the afternoon, we were blessed with sun!

I love pool time. We caught up, read, and took unintentional naps. It was great and so relaxing. I’m a firm believer in the idea that sun and being outdoors automatically puts you in a better mood. I’m sure there’s some science to back that up somewhere.

Now, we’re catching up on some trashy TV and having a little treat, too 🙂 It’s back to babysitting tomorrow, so I’m hoping to get a good sleep in.

P.S. The latest Fitness magazine has a short article regarding caffeine use and exercise. Turns out, runners who had caffeine an hour before exercise ran faster and tired less. Keep drinking that coffee!


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