Dinner / Gardening / Workout

The planting

Whew! It was a long day today. I got up bright and early to squeeze in a quick workout before heading off to babysitting. I picked up my coffee on the way over, and began my day!

I’ll admit, babysitting is a long day. But, it’s definitely enjoyable, rewarding, and fun. The kids never cease to teach me something. We basically had a card-playing marathon today, where I learned how to play Rummer 500. Last week, I taught one of the kids how to play Liverpool Rummy (a family favorite) and this week, he taught me to play Rummy 500. We also played a couple rounds of the board game Sequence. It was a lot of fun! I like playing cards because it keeps your brain engaged, thinking, and anticipating the other players’ next move.

The day went by pretty quickly, and before I knew it, I was headed home. Upon my arrival, we began making dinner based on a recipe I found while magazine browsing yesterday. I’m on a barbeque kick, so it was barbeque bacon pizza! I apologize for the lack of pictures (I totally forgot). The recipe was super easy. I spread the barbeque sauce on top a multigrain Flat Out and added cooked bacon, sliced red pepper, and sliced red onion. I also added some Monterrey Jack cheese. It’s not pizza without cheese, right?! I’m bummed I forgot about pictures, it looked pretty. Guess my hunger took over!

After a couple errands, my mom and I got to planting the vegetables we bought over the weekend. We put them in pots due to our lack of decent soil in the yard. Planting the vegetables brought back great memories from our childhood vegetable garden. We used to use gloves when planting, but today we didn’t. Planting the plants and massaging the soil around them was actually pretty relaxing.

I’m regretting switching to Auto Flash on my camera. It’s great sometimes, but tonight it’s just not working for the plants.

Our tomatoes and one of the herbs:


Another random herb:

My mom also bought an unphotographed hanging strawberry planter. We watered them with a fertilizer mixture. Now it’s all in the sun’s hands! I can’t wait to pick our first vegetables.

Hate to cut it short tonight, but Dance Moms is on and I’m already behind on my trashy T.V.  🙂


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