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Baking & babysitting

…is the best combination! On today’s agenda was to bake a recipe I found via Pinterest. Cake batter cookies! Seemed easy enough, and it was!

All it took was these simple ingredients…

This recipe I scribbled while browsing Pinterest…

And we were off!

I love cookies that are still gooey in the center, and baking these for about 10-12 minutes achieved that perfectly!

We didn’t add an entire cup of sprinkles, because it seemed like a lot and the Funfetti cake mix already has sprinkles in it!

These cookies would be great with any cake mix (chocolate or red velvet, anyone?) and sprinkles. I’d really like to make the original recipe 4th of July style just like the Pinterest recipe.

Again, Pinterest saves the day! Baking was the perfect ending to our afternoon. I’m so glad the kids like baking, my Pinterest food boards are full of great recipes.

After a very eventful walk involving a senile old dog and an energetic puppy, I was starving. I’ll rewind to the walk, because thinking about it now, it’s kind of funny. When we walk the dogs, we don’t use a leash with Penny (our older one) because she’s typically a good walker. That way, we can also focus on teaching Pippa the correct way to walk.

Today, Penny was either incredibly confused or not wanting to go on a walk. She walked straight into our (very scared) neighbor’s garage, and refused to listen when I called her! It was so embarrassing. Even worse, Pippa was doing her business right on their sidewalk while he watched. I looked like a mess. I now have a newfound appreciation for those dog walkers who have like four or five dogs.

Anyway, I got over it eventually. I’m still a little scared to walk both of them together. I’ll give them a “get out of jail free card” and blame it on the heat. Who would want to wear a huge furry jacket on such a hot day, anyway?

On tonight’s dinner plate: a tuna burger and leftover coleslaw on a bed of spinach and tomatoes. Delicious! Minus the fact I barely remember because I practically stuffed my face. Time for rest and re-runs!


2 thoughts on “Baking & babysitting

  1. ahh, i do love googy cookies and can never get mine to be that way….i sure will try this recipe once the weather cools off a bit.
    thanks for the a new source for recipes. they look yummy

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