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Run for Independence and no power

I have such a love-hate relationship with running. It’s mostly love, borderline obsession. At this morning’s race, it was hate. The sad thing is, it was hate that could have been easily prevented.

I made the mistake so many before me have probably done: I over-trained before race day. Well, not quite “trained” because I don’t really train for the shorter runs. My daily mileage was just a little high for the weekdays when I’d be running at race speed on Saturday. My legs were not happy with me.

I also might have underestimated this whole heat thing. It’s real, and I was dying. Since I haven’t quite mastered how to correctly grasp and drink from paper cups at water stations without messing up my mojo. Needless to say, I was parched by the end of the race.

I tried to stay with a super legit-looking runner girl. She was a bit older than me, but she had a fancy watch, meaning she was likely keeping a speedy pace. She kept me on track for most of the run; if I knew I was near her, I was okay.

I ended up finishing way faster than my last 8k, at an average pace of about 7 minute miles. The real results aren’t up yet, but I’ll post those as soon as I know.

I didn’t care that my dad was mad I opened the fridge, I needed my cereal.

That leads me to discuss our real problem this weekend: lack of power/air conditioning. My sister, my mom, and I went to see Ted on Friday evening. It was really funny, if you’re into the crude humor type of thing. I liked it, although I didn’t get a lot of the Family Guy references (Seth McFarlane, the creator of Family Guy wrote the movie).  As we were walking out of the movie, we saw a lot of heat lightning and the sky was pretty ominous.

We made Southwest-style salads for dinner 🙂

Not five minutes after we walked in the door to our house, crazy winds picks up and our power went out. We thought it was a tornado, so we went and hid out in the basement for a little. Turns out, it was just a really bad thunderstorm. Trees were down, and four people actually passed away due to fallen trees.

We were without power from late last evening until just about five minutes ago!!  I spent the day with my friend, Jenna, at just about every air-conditioned place we could find. Our best stop of the day? Old Navy for $1 flip-flops! All the funky colors were gone, so we settled for brown.

Being without power really made me realize how much I rely on electronics. My sister and I were so bored without the TV, our biggest worries were how we were going to keep our phone charged, and eat stuff out of the fridge. The lack of air conditioning put us all in kind of a hazy state, too.

This one suffered the most from the heat. Who would want to wear a huge fuzzy coat in this heat?

Anyway, it’s all-good now. It was a fun day, and I’m definitely looking forward to a true day of rest tomorrow.


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