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Better late than never

So, this post was supposed to be up a while ago seeing as it’s about our Fourth of July activities. But, morning blogging was postponed due to an extra long service appointment for my car. I spent a couple hours at Starbucks reading my new book, Rules of Civility. I wasn’t too into it at the beginning, but since I’m just about halfway through, I’m starting to like it more.

The rest of the day was spent doing some random erranding and packing for my weekend at the lake. I also spent some time reading the August issue of Runner’s World Magazine, still in search of a decent 13.1 training plan. I’m running the half marathon on September 2, which means I need to find a training plan that works for me soon!

The latest issue was actually perfectly timed, since it’s all about half-marathons. It had a bunch of tips and tricks for newbie half-marathoners, like setting a goal for yourself and keeping it. I’d love to keep my time under 2 hours, which is about a 9-minute mile pace. Since I’ve been running well under 9 minute miles in current races, I think I’m on track.

Speaking of, we finally got the results from the  8k I ran on June 30. I got 36:46, which set me at a pace of 7:25-miles. Might I also mention that I got first in my age group and 10th place overall for the women?! YAY! I was (and still am) so excited about that.

Rewind to yesterday…I woke up bright and early and squeezed in a 5-miler. It’s starting to become the perfect distance for me to feel accomplished, challenged, and not too exhausted after. I made a patriotic-colored breakfast bowl filled with a random assortment of cereal, strawberries, and blueberries.


P.S. That’s my newest pottery creation. I’m quite proud of it!

After breakfast, my mom and I went out to do a little shopping for our upcoming lake trip .We made a stop at Chipotle for lunch. You can never have too much Chipotle!

When we got home, Dad and I watched the  Annual Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest. Joey Chestnut won again, eating his world record of 68 hot dogs. Gross!

It’s one of those things you don’t want to watch, but can’t take your eyes off.

That evening, we planned to see the Potomac Nationals play. They’re the minor league Class A team that the Washington Nationals draw most of their players from. Their stadium was only about 40-minutes away, so we made the trip.

The stadium is nothing like the Washington Nationals’ stadium, it’s way smaller. Despite the incredible heat, we had a great time. It’s grandstand seating, which means you’re sitting in bleachers close to the field. We wished we brought seat cushions, bleachers aren’t known for comfort. The game was pretty slow moving (I know, even for baseball) but we had to always keep at attention. Foul balls flew our way all the time!

I loved that we were so close to the field, it reminded me of going to high school games. Unfortunately, I don’t think any of these players are going to make it to the big leagues anytime soon. Looking at the roster, they’ve all pretty much passed their time (especially since 19-year old Bryce Harper is single-handedly taking over the Nats). Current Nationals players Ian Desmond are Steve Lombardozzi Potomac Nationals alumni!

After the game and an unfortunate Potomac Nationals loss, the stadium turned off all the lights for the fireworks show. I have to say, I’ve seen some great fireworks, and these were pretty good in comparison. The distant heat lighting added a slightly frightening effect, too 🙂

Fireworks pictures are hard to capture. You just have to see them in person! Back tomorrow with a more timely post! 🙂


One thought on “Better late than never

  1. i was wondering what happened to you and missed your blog, glad you finally finished it and brought us all up to date. Please if you can, send me that picture of you all as i would love to put it in my frame wtih family photos. it is a great one.
    sending love your way……………..

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