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Short hiatus

Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Although I brought my laptop to the lake with me this weekend, I never brought it out to blog. It’s not that I didn’t have the time (I had all the time in the world), I just wanted to relax and feel a little disconnected. It was great and totally worth it…even though I went through a little bit of withdrawal.

We woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to make the trip and be there by lunchtime. We had a couple cars: my dad drove all the food and our older dog, Penny, my sister drove her and four friends, and my mom and I brought the puppy. We might have had one less car if my mom and I hadn’t had to leave early yesterday evening.

We arrived just around lunchtime, ate lunch, and headed out to the dock to sunbathe (fry). It was HOT on Saturday, but that didn’t stop us from spending all our time outside…it only made our trips to the water more frequent. I can’t even begin to describe how relaxing it is to be at the lake. It was so nice to really have nothing to do! I finished Amor Towles’ Rules of Civility late Saturday, so look for that book review later this week. On that note, I started and am about halfway through Anne Patchett’s State of Wonder , so it will be a book review filled week.

Even though I was on vacation, I still woke up early to enjoy the peaceful mornings. I love getting up, sitting the dock, and watching the sunrise in the morning. I also began taking Pippa on longer walks in the morning. She loves the lake, by the way.

Sunday and Monday were spent in a very similar way as Saturday, lots of sunbathing and swimming. We had a slight scare on Saturday evening when we lost power due to a storm. It was out for about three or four hours, so we didn’t get to finish our movie, A Thousand Words. Not the end of the world, I don’t think we were really into it anyway.

Mom and I decided to stay until after dinner on Monday, and left right after. We took both dogs back and they slept the whole way. We made a quick ice cream stop on the way back, definitely the highlight of our road trip home. We stopped at Arch’s Frozen Yogurt in Charlottesville and it was so good! They mix up the toppings and the ice cream, similar to how McDonald’s mixes McFlurries. I got Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough FroYo and cookie dough pieces mixed in. Wherever there’s cookie dough, I’m there! I’ll definitely be stopping at Arch’s whenever I’m in the area again.

We arrived home late last night, unpacked, and got a good night’s rest for a busy morning. We had a bunch of errands to run in the morning before I had to drop my mom off at the airport, as she’s headed to visit my grandma and grandpa. We were a little worried about getting everything done, but we did. Now, I’m just hanging out until I head over to babysit.

On another exciting note…I received an e-mail over the weekend from the Rock n’  Roll half marathon with pictures of the shirts and medal I’ll get upon finishing the race! I completed a full training plan this past Friday, and these pictures were exactly what I needed to keep my motivation on track!

I’m excited, but soo nervous at the same time! I’ve got a bunch of blogging to catch up on this week, so I’ll cut this one off here 🙂

Happy Tuesday!


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