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Craft craving

What to do on these lazy summer days? Well, if you’re like me and can’t sit still, you’re making multiple trips to Michael’s to craft! I found this craft on Pinterest via Busted Button. I was drawn to the elephant!

I created my own version of the craft for my sorority sisters. Instead of the elephant, I made a lion since it’s my sorority’s, Alpha Delta Pi, mascot. This is a slightly time-consuming craft, something my impatience was not a huge fan of!

I spread out all my supplies on the kitchen table, and was ready to begin.

These boards were my second round of boards, and I learned to use newspaper on the table while painting. Why that didn’t occur to me before, I don’t know. I would say the most difficult aspect of the boards was creating a chevron pattern using painter’s tape. I measured everything out perfectly each time, but still ended up messing up!

Yes, that’s a free-handed lion, by the way.

Once the lion was stenciled and the paint was on, it was time to paint. This part is was the most fun, I’m always amazed after using painter’s tape. I think the excitement while taking it off has something to do with it.

I used acrylic paints for the stripes, and watercolors for the lion. I’m sure you could use acrylic for the lion, but I just wanted a light background so the buttons would stand out more. Once the watercolor dried, I heated up the hot glue gun and pretty much went button crazy. I purchased a variety pack of buttons from Michael’s and one from Wal-Mart and glues on layers and layers of buttons.

The hot glue tends to be a little messy!

I also liked using different shades of buttons on the layers.

Cute, right? I decided to make the lions funky colors since I had so many extra buttons. I combined another craft I’d seen on Pinterest and hot glued on wooden letters for my sisters’ initials. I completed these last night by gluing on a more normal-looking wooden lion I found at Michael’s yesterday.

Since I made so many back-and-forth trips to Michaels during the last couple weeks, my receipts started coming with 40% off coupons, so I had to use. They’re still giving out those coupons 😉

These boards are great as room decor and I even made one yesterday for one of the kids I babysit! Cute and easy!

As for me, I’m continuing babysitting and am actually starting a new job later this week, so I’m a little nervous for that. Other than making some much needed money, I’m still heavily reading, running, and drinking lots of coffee (would you expect any less?).



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