Babysitting / Dinner

Sushi-kinda night

Last night, my dad and I were on our own for dinner since my mom is out of town and my sister is away at a field hockey camp. Guess what that means we had for dinner? Sushi, of course! We’re the only sushi-lovers in the family, so we always take advantage of that fact given the opportunity. It’s also given us a chance to bond; my dad taught me how to eat sushi, from using chopsticks, dipping it in the soy sauce, using wasabi, then eating the ginger to ease the spice.

We went to a place I’ve been eyeing for a while near our house, Obi Sushi. I’ve actually never been to a legitimate sushi restaurant; only to places that serve sushi among various other foods, so this was a cool experience.

I was hangry at this point in the evening, having just arrived home from babysitting. We began with our favorite appetizer, steamed edamame. Call me gross, but I love licking the salt off.

I’ve also recently discovered summer vegetable rolls. I like egg rolls with Chinese food, but they usually make me too full to enjoy the rest of the meal. Summer rolls are basically vegetables wrapped in rice paper, so they’re light and delicious. We had this fancy looking summer roll, with horns of avocado! It had carrots, cucumber, and avocado inside. There was some sweet brown sauce on the top, possibly cashews?

I’m used to the summer rolls from Wegman’s, and this one was plated more like sushi, which I thought was pretty cool. Our sushi came out while we were eating our appetizer.

My dad pointed out a fun fact: you can take your time should the food arrive early, since sushi is already cold! I love eating the food right when it comes out hot and fresh. In this case, I had nothing to worry about. I also was unaware that the plate that arrived had both of our rolls on it. I forgot that sushi places like to save plates in this way 😉

I ordered the spicy tuna roll, and it was just that! I’m typically boring at stick to the California Roll, (mostly because I stray away from the raw stuff) but I was feeling particularly adventurous last night. I’m a fan! My dad got some really funky looking stuff…including salmon eggs. I’m a little curious as to how one extracts the eggs from salmon to put them in a sushi roll. Then again, it may be something I don’t really NEED to know.

I love sushi! Virginia Tech will actually have a sushi restaurant in the brand new dining hall opening this fall. #1, I’m glad I’m planning on getting a meal plan .#2, You know where I’ll be. I wouldn’t be surprised if come Thanksgiving Break, I’ve turned into a lovely California Roll.


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