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Jersey Shore Weekend pt. 1

After my training run on Saturday morning, I headed off to Point Pleasant, New Jersey. It was a loooong trip, thanks to the intermittent rain showers throughout Virginia and Maryland. I was so happy to see some sun once I arrived in Delaware!

I could have done my long run on the treadmill, but I thought it best to complete it outside, rain and all. It was misty when I started, but actually started raining right as I was rounding the corner to my street. Classic end of run picture!

Note to self: white is far from the ideal color to wear in the rain.

I ate breakfast quickly and planned to stop at Starbucks somewhere along the way. I was already running behind my originally planned schedule, so I was pretty antsy to get on the road. My iPod synched with updated Podcasts, I was ready to go! This was the first time I’ve packed the morning of my trip, and now I know why. Tell me, why one plans to go to the beach and not pack a towel? My life.

Knowing I didn’t want to deal with excess stopping, I packed myself a little lunch for the ride there. I felt like I was in school again!

A cheese and turkey sandwich:

Peach and carrots and a Chobani Champions Chocolate Chunk!

And tons of liquids. I was thirsty after my run.

I was so happy to have made good time on my trip down. Knowing I would only be down the shore for a little bit, I wanted to make the most out of my time there. When I got there, I got a grand tour of the house, and we went grocery shopping to pick up all their necessities for the week. Apparently, I’m one of few teenagers who actually enjoys grocery shopping.

Vivi and her family rent the same house when they come to the shore and it was so cute! My room was off to the side, connected to the basement-y area. It wasn’t air conditioned, but that wasn’t a problem for me.

That evening, we went to the Seaside Heights boardwalk. I was so excited to visit Seaside, mostly because I’ve seen so much of it on Jersey Shore. The show depicts it perfectly…enough said. We went to all the places seen on the show…

the Shore Store , (and we saw the owner!) the ski-lift thing that goes down the boardwalk, (so pretty!) and their house, complete with a security guard. There was actually a private party going on when we were there. We weren’t allowed in, guess we’re not cool enough.

After getting our fill of arcade games, (Vivi’s mom won us some awesome Sillybandz) we headed back to Point Pleasant and went to Ralph’s Italian Ice. I’m usually a strictly fro-yo and ice cream kind of girl, but Ralph’s creme ice was right up my alley. I got a Chocolate Hazelnut, chocked full of hazelnuts and chocolate chips topped with rainbow sprinkles. Vivi and her brother criticized the rainbow sprinkles, why not chocolate to match? Such haters.


We were all sufficiently exhausted after Italian ice, so when we got back to the house, we sat on the deck, chatted, and colored in some coloring books we found. We’re so cool 🙂


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