First big girl conference!

This morning, I’m off to the Big Apple! About an hour or two after I complete my long training run, my mom and I will be on our way to New York City. Why, you may ask? Well, I’m attending Her Campus’ first ever Intercollegiate Conference at the Sentry Centers on Saturday!

Her Campus is an online magazine aimed at college-aged women. I recently became one of the Campus Correspondents for Her Campus Virginia Tech; meaning that I am one of two representing Tech! I’m super excited to begin my position. I was involved in journalism in high school, so when I was offered the opportunity to join, I jumped right in. I credit Her Campus to my newfound obsession with blogging. While a contributing writer, I wrote features and weekly blogs. It was a lot of fun, and I look forward to continuing that.

We had a bunch of problems my first year with HCVT, mainly because the branch itself was new to Virginia Tech. We worked hard to make our name known and gain a larger audience. While we succeeded on a smaller level, I hope we can grow in popularity in the upcoming year.

As the representative for Tech at the conference this year, I look forward to talking to other “collegiettes” about their branches and asking them for advice on how to improve our own! Aside from chatting with girls from other schools, we’ll be hearing from some great speakers! I’m the most excited to hear the Keynote speaker, Ann Shoket, the Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen Magazine! Being the EIC of some sort of print publication has been my dream ever since I can remember, so I can’t wait to hear what she has to say.

Here’s a list of the other speakers:

Anna Post – Emily Post’s great-great-grandaughter and co-author of Emily Post’s Etiquette
Jaqui Lividini – CEO & Founding Partner at Lividini & Co.
Annie, Stephanie & Windsor – Her Campus Founders
Taylor, Chelsea & Brittany – Her Campus Executive Team
Raakhee Mirchandani – Fashion Editor and Deputy Features Editor at New York Daily News
Christina Gibson of Marina Maher Communications
Michelle Murray of Contiki Travel
Christina Wallace of Quincy Apparel
Taylor Truden – Associate Blog Editor at the Huffington Post
Elyssa Goodman – Writer, Photographer & Social Media Consultant at Miss Manhattan
Amanda First – Editorial Assistant at Prevention Magazine
Alice Chen – Editorial Assistant at Lucky Magazine

The remainder of the conference will include panels, workshops, and more networking!

Okay, so let’s talk about why I’m ACTUALLY so excited to go: the sponsors. Namely, the Chipotle-sponsored lunch. Other sponsors include Juicy Couture, hint, PopChips, Lord & Taylor, stila cosmetics, Alex & Ani, candy store,  svelte, and Honest Tea. Juicy Couture is also sponsoring an after party at their store in the city. I’m hoping to snag a sweet swag bag 😉

All joking aside, I’m really excited for this conference. I’ve been to a bunch of national high school journalism conventions, but I know this one will be on a completely different level (and estrogen-filled).

When my mom and I arrive in the city early this afternoon, we plan to wander around and go out for a nice dinner. I’m hoping to go to one of my favorite spots in the city: Rockefeller Plaza (where the TODAY show is filmed). Although all my TODAY show faves are abroad covering the London Olympics, I always feel like I’m walking on hallowed ground when I’m there.

Busy weekend, wouldn’t have it any other way!


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