Too much for one post (pt. 2)

Okay, well I’m back with the conference recap. Guess I had more to say than I originally thought! After a free lunch sponsored by Chipotle, (score!) it was time for our second Keynote speaker.

I was looking forward to this speaker all day!

Ann Shoket, the Editor-In-Chief of Seventeen Magazine! Hello, dream job! She was awesome. She ditched the usual “talking at you” keynote speech, and opted to tell us a little bit of how she worked her way up in the business, and left us with some important advice, her three “keys” to getting a job. She swears by them, so let’s hope she’s right!

1. Write a letter to the EIC (or another higher-up on staff) and discuss your connection to the publication.

2. When you get into the interview, sit on the edge of your seat and simply have a conversation. Come prepared with what you want to say, but keep it conversational. “You earn the right to sit back in your seat.”

3. Write a thank-you note and say something that shows your remember something about the conversation/something that resonated with you.

And, of course, RELAX! I have the rest of my life to work, after all.

She was so inspiring; and not going to lie, I was a little starstruck when I saw her. When I told my mom she was one of the speakers, my mom replied with, “Who’s that?” Guess it’s a journalism nerd thing. Shoket really has evolved Seventeen completely, and I hope to one day be nearly as successful as her. She also urged these handwritten thank-you notes. I wrote “get cute stationary” twice in my notes.

After the second keynote, we were off to two separate hour-long workshop blocks. There were four workshops we had the option of attending, and they were repeated during each block,  in case we wanted to attend two. My first stop was completely necessary to attend: Building Your Chapter to be the Biggest, Baddest Thing on Campus. Since Virginia Tech’s chapter is relatively new, I knew attending this seminar was a must. The speaker was Brittney Lewis, one of the members of the Her Campus Executive Team, and in charge of all the Campus Correspondents. I’ve e-mailed back and forth with her, so I was excited to get the opportunity to meet her.

I took a whole bunch of notes during that workshop, and got to speak with a bunch of other Campus Correspondents to learn about what they did to make HerCampus big at their schools. Granted, their schools were MUCH smaller than Virginia Tech, but I’m confident that if I put my heart and soul into making HerCampus big, I can do it. I have lots of exciting plans for the fall!

The next workshop I went to brought out the high school journalism design lover in me. It was all about the branding of HerCampus via social media. My nerdy design self loved learning about the evolution of the HerCampus brand itself, including lots of details about specific fonts used and whatnot. The workshop was run by Annie Wang, who is basically in charge of all things design with HerCampus. I’m hoping to recruit the HerCampus token male (and design intern) to create some cool fliers for our branch. I’m also planning on creating a new Facebook cover photo for our fan page. The coolest aspect of this seminar? We got a sneak peak of the newest updates to the HerCampus web page, debuting this fall.

The free stuff!

Whew, it was a long day! I met up with my mom outside the conference center, and we decided to walk around before heading back to the train station. She had already been walking around all day, (visiting the MOMA and shopping) but she was up for it! Well, after a bit of walking, we decided it may be best to just sit and relax at Starbucks to update one another on our days. After grabbing dinner and walking around the big Macy’s, we went to the train station ready to go home!

New York City is truly an amazing place. It tired me out, for sure. I feel like I would really fit in there, though. Everyone’s always got some place to be, some dream to follow. Plus, I have a feeling I’ll end up there anyway, seeing as it’s basically a journalism mecca. Dollhouse-sized apartment, here I come!


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